Learning this has helped me to outgrow my need for some things most especially those that won’t matter to me five years from now.  No matter how bad you want something, it’s not that you will die if you do not get it! So, don’t do things you’ll regret because you’re desperately chasing things, things that won’t probably matter five years in time.

What the future holds!

This life…
There are those kids that are born with their future prearranged. Those happen to come from the so called noble families. Their parents just already have it sketched out for them. The kindergartens they’ll go to, the high schools together with the colleges that they’ll attend. For them, life always moves smoothly. They study and get good jobs in their parents’ or parents’ friends’ companies as soon as they are done with school. Their life is just laid on paper, all they have to do is follow the trails and they have made it in life before they know it. Sometimes, their parents even help them to settle in life by aiding them in buying land and building houses in which they settle with their kids and spouses. These kinds of kids always count on their parents for anything in life. And their parents are always happy to help. Such kids, are what we call the good rich kids.

However, there are also kids from noble families who are the spoilt brats. Their parents give them everything that they need in life and they just put it to waste. These kids have great chances of building a great future but to them, such seems not to matter and for various reasons of course. For some, its because maybe their parents don’t care to know them so it hurts and they relieve the pain by doing what upsets their parents to make them feel as much pain as they feel. For others, it maybe because they are not well brought up. Because parents didn’t have enough guidance on how to raise them well. And so, they have no respect for anyone most especially because they can get whatever they want in life with their money. And for the rest of the rich spoilt brats, it’s because they know that they have everything and they think that money can buy them anything and they are assured that their parents will always be there to bail them out of whatever situation because they are blood and they have money. It’s these kids that get to go out and party anytime they feel like, do drugs, drink and get wasted, shop anytime they feel the need, go for road trips and do all sorts of crazy things, change girlfriends or boyfriends like clothes because they have the money. And who cares, I mean these kids just have it all straight, they do all they want and it’s okay. They enjoy their life. They aren’t losers. They’ve made it in life, just by being born rich.

On the contrary, there are also these kids that have to struggle all the way in their life. Their parents aren’t sure of what tomorrow will bring, they just pray for it to be better than today. Some of these kids get the chance to study whereas others don’t. But even those who go to school aren’t certain of completing their studies due to the ever-increasing school dues. It’s sad how they go to school without break or lunch fee for some or all of the days, how they get to be chased out of class whenever the bursar comes, how they get to miss out on some classes and how they are mocked by those students that have it all. Such kids are good. They love people, respect everyone regardless of their status, are always willing to help and they are the kinds of friends who always stick around in those trying moments and yet sometimes they are seen as nerds and taken for granted or used by people with selfish motives. All they want is to have a good life. It’s their hearts’ desire. They wish to go to school and study without missing classes, to have lunch and break fee, to have as many friends and to be happy even with a life that’s not fancy. It just doesn’t have to be perfect for them, the loving kids just want a chance to be happy and succeed in life without having to go through so much of the hell.

Sometimes, they somehow manage to survive, finish school and the battlefield of finding jobs now begins. Everyday, they move from home well dressed and set out to look for jobs. Its very frustrating how much pain they go through. They are promised to be called back after the interviews and they are never called. Sometimes they are just not good enough or they have failed the interview or they weren’t convincing or, the jobs are set aside for the rich kids or the kids of the shareholders in the companies or for those ready to bribe or those willing to offer sex to the job givers. Because these kids have integrity, they can’t get jobs through dirty means. They would rather strive as much as they can because their lives are clean and they are good people.

However, on a sad note, some of them always get lost on the way, they lose hope and they just give in. and just like that they fall off the trail of the straight people. Why does someone have to do something bad to get a life? Why does life push it so hard to that extent? Why does it have to be hell for some and paradise for others? Life is like a small space of time in which we live. So why isn’t it just okay for everyone?

Sometimes, no matter how much you say that it’s gonna be okay to yourself, it just never gets okay. Not even when you deserve it.

Notwithstanding, there are also kids from poor families who are so tired of suffering that they resort to being the bad kids. They hangout with bad company which corrupts them. They become wild and start pick pocketing, robbery, doing drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and all the evil crimes that help them earn a living. They do so because they are tired and so banged with life that they can’t take it anymore. Sometimes life just hits so hard that the impact is so solid to stomach and move on. It just isn’t fair that some people get to live like this.

There are also those who are just lucky or maybe blessed. Yes, they have humble backgrounds, and it hasn’t always been easy. They have had to fall time and again but they haven’t given up, they’ve stood up and refused life to crash them. Such people in most cases have anger and a lot of pain piled up in their heart. You just see them smile but only they know what’s going on under there. Such people are innovative, fighters, challengers and they eventually become champions. They win the race, become successful and make it in life. Sometimes, these are the good people who inspire the rest coming through their path.

Who says it’s gonna be easy all the way up? Hell no, it’s not gonna be easy. Not at all. In fact, it’s gonna be hell. There are gonna be thorns that will prick you, rocks that will make it hard for you to crash and distractions that will want to make you give up. But you got to stay on the trail no matter what happens. You have to wake up in the morning, dress up, look in the mirror, tell yourself that you’re gonna make it regardless of what’s pulling you down and go out to make it happen. So, it doesn’t matter where you were born or how humble your background was. What matters is your determination to go higher, to make a life for yourself and your kids because the black hair makes a future for the gray hair and if you’ve found it rough, struggle and make sure your kids don’t find it rough because only you know the pain, the frustration and the misery that’s their to feel on the way up.

Dear you, It’s not always easy. But you shouldn’t give up. Someday, it’s gonna be okay.